Sunday, November 30, 2008

Insurance companies can’t dictate the time they can rescind ...

Rescission is one of the insurance industry's favorite ways of manipulating claims to the detriment of insureds.

Review of the year: Health insurance - The life of PMI. …

... can afford them, the UK health insurance market got a real shot in the arm ... documents and information was published by the trade body, as well as new guidance to ... that appears to be fast becoming more commoditised.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Property Mortgage Insurance

What is property mortgage insurance? Why is it necessary? These are common questions you would find yourself asking when you are looking to get a mortgage. Most of the time, you might think you are immune to problems.

Homeowners - Questions and Answers about Insurance

Company / Employer Liability: This states that here an employee is driving a vehicle “on the job”, or within the course and scope of employment, the employer can be jointly liable for injuries caused by the employee’s negligent driving ...

Young Couples Need Insurance

By: Lee MacRae. Chances are, if you’re a young person or perhaps even a young couple, one aspect of life you’ve probably never really given consideration to is insurance.

Insurance all worked out for Casey's surgery

Apparently there was some kind of error ... so, Casey's surgery is back on for next Wednesday as "in network" ~ so, it'll be on the 80/20 plan ~ not the crappy 40/60 plan. WAHHHH HOOOOO!! What a relief.

Given the choice term insurance or whole of life what's better?

By Chris Clare. Making sure you have the right life insurance contract for your particular situation can be quite hard.