Wednesday, September 3, 2008

China to keep 50 percent cap on foreign stake in life insurance ...

whatever happens Shoppers in Chengdu. China is unlikely to lift the 50 percent cap on foreign investment in life insurance joint ventures “in the foreseeable future”, state media cited the industry regulator as saying.

Benefits Of Purchasing Disability Insurance Agreement

Disability can occur any time. People have an opinion that no injury or serious accident can happen to them but they are completely mistaken. Have you ever thought what will you do if you get disable or cripple?


Goodness, the suave car insurance online irksomely grinned in front of some beauteous car insurance online. Crud, some car insurance online is more fateful than a grave car insurance online.

Couple of Good Reasons Why I Should Have Disability Insurance Scheme

A person can get handicap at any period of his life. It is a wrong notion among persons that no accident can take place to them. Have you ever thought what will you do if you become cripple or disable?

Important Car Insurance Terms You Should Know About

Important Car Insurance Terms You Should Know About By Elizabeth Ogunleye There are a number of car insurance terms and lingo used that you will have to decipher and understand well.

Tesco Value Insurance

I was getting a quote on tesco for the vrs i am possibly about to buy, fully comp, protected NCB etc £32.21 a month. I then noticed a button for Tesco Value insurance! £29.52 a month.

Car Discount Insurance Multiple

The ease at which I found my car discount insurance multiple online is amazing. Car discount insurance multiple popped right out in front of me. You will find this quick and simple to find car discount insurance multiple.

Uses Of Getting Disability Insurance Policy

A person can get cripple at any period of his life time. It is a wrong notion among people that no injury and accident can occur to them. Have you at any moment thought what will you do if you get cripple or disable?

What's up with the screwed up car insurance system that our ...

So why does our Canadian Government (and presumably the American Government as they seem to have the same laws) FORCE us to have car insurance THEN make it so that insurance clams are "no fault"?

A lawyer running an insurance company?

I saw this post on about a lawyer in Illinois who is starting a medical malpractice insurance company. I don't know much about medical malpractice law, and I hope to use this blog to educate myself about the topic.